Valley View Rotary is one of 9 area Rotary clubs.  Each club has a time, day of the week and place they meet.  We encourage you to find the one that fits you and your schedule.  If you have decided that Valley View Rotary is the right fit for you here is a bit about our club.

We have a Wednesday morning meeting time, 7:30 am!  We meet at Famous Dave’s in Onalaska, WI and enjoy a very nice breakfast as part of our dues.  We have a lively group that is very active in the community as a group as well as many individuals. Activities like Moon Tunes, Rotary Rockin’ Ribs and ifeed.  We also are involved with Interact-a high school level Rotary club, Riverfest fencing, Lacrossroads School, Rotary Lights parade, Enchanted Forest and more.  We do like our social events and enjoy our Rotary picnic and Holiday party.

Interested in joining Valley View Rotary?

1. Attend a club meeting. Let us know which Wednesday you’d like to attend and we’ll make sure a current member is there to greet you.

2. Schedule a new member orientation with a member of the membership committee.

3. Fill out an application and submit it to the club president for board approval.

4. Once the board has approved your application you will be officially welcomed as a new member!

-Valley View Rotary Club is the most enjoyable club I have ever attended.  Having attended over 40 different clubs, literally around the world, I think I can say that with confidence! The meetings are fun with lots of laughs in the morning, but we accomplish an amazing amount of good things locally and around the world partnering with other clubs.  From Rock n Ribs, Moon Tunes, a water project in Haiti, sanitation project in the Philippines, polio administration in India & Nigeria, etc…   This club is generous with its time and talent and treasure.  With 67 members currently, we would love to make you the 68th member.  Do good things!.                -Mark, Valley View Member


Members are expected to attend 50% of the weekly meetings, makeups are acceptable and that they need to pay an initiation fee and quarterly dues. Rotary is a weekly meeting and you are encouraged to attend every week.  However we know that life and work tend to dictate our life and time.  You can do “make ups” in a variety of ways, go to another clubs meeting, make up on line or volunteer on one of your projects.


Local Clubs to Make Up At  

Rotary East:

        Monday, Noon, Piggy’s La Crosse

Rotary Onalaska: 

        Monday, 6pm, Blue Moon

Rotary Onalaska Hilltoppers:

        Wednesday, noon, La Crosse Country Club

Rotary Holmen:

        Wednesday, 7am, Village Hall  

Rotary Downtown: 

        Thursday, Noon, The Radisson Center

Rotary La Crescent:

          Friday, 7am, Corky’s Pizza

Rotary Caledonia:

           Friday, 7:30am, Farmhouse

Rotary After Hours:
            2nd and 4th Tuesday  at the Radisson at 6:00 pm, with a social starting at 5:30 pm 

Rotaract of La Crosse: 
          Wednesdays 7pm, varied dates
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