Rotary Rockin’ Ribs

We have several competitions for you to participate in.  Backyard, Pro and Kids


You do not need any special or fancy equipment to be in our Backyard Competition…just your backyard smoker or grill and a little cooking skill. If you have ever wanted to get your feet wet and try competitive barbecue but are not up to the task of cooking in a professional competition that includes 4 meats and 30 minutes apart turn-ins, try the Rotary Rock-n- Ribs Backyard Competition. The Backyard Competition only consists of two meats and you don’t have to cook the meats all night. Just bring your tent or camper, easy up or canopy, smoker, meats, rubs and lawn chair and plan to have a lot of fun. You can exchange a few tips and ideas with other competitors, get the feel for the full-scale competition, and check out the professional team smokers. A few of you will be going home with prize money and bragging rights to tell your family and friends