Proceeds Benefit St. Clare Health Mission, northside Elementary and Valley View Rotary

St. Clare Health Mission
A portion of the funds will go to St. Clare Health Mission for their ongoing mission.  Area Rotary clubs recently collaborated to purchase a mobile medical clinic  for use by St. Clare and Scenic Bluffs Health Care and other agencies as the need may arise.    

Currently, health care providers use their own cars to travel around the tri-county area to minister to those people who are unable to come to the clinic during its limited hours, are fearful of being seen there for one reason or another or, in some cases, have no idea the clinic exists or that they are eligible for care.

For nearly thirty years, volunteer St. Clare Health Mission staff, including doctors, nurses, pharmacists, social workers and more have provided free healthcare for the poor and uninsured and will continue to do so. Rotary on the Go is one more link to a healthier Coulee Region.

Northside Elementary

Has a multi-tiered plan for enhancing education, depending on the amount of money raised: 
Funds raised through the Valley View Rotary raffle will help families in need during an emergency situation.  Our donation will go to the Random Acts of Kindness to Stabilize Families fund at Northside elementary.  The goal of this fund is to help make it possible for students to maintain regular school attendance, even when their family is faced with a financial need that is threatening their ability to function normally. Funds may be used for immediate short-term assistance for rent, car repair, groceries, daycare, diapers, feminine hygiene products, laundry, and other similar needs.
The financial assistance is meant to get a family through a rough patch. Northside will connect a family with other community resources to meet longer term needs.
 A family can receive a maximum of $500 per school year.
Inclusion and Anti-Racism Work: . This plan includes securing outside facilitators to work with staff during professional development times, purchasing relevant books for book discussions and learning in an effort to build a more inclusive and safe learning environment for students and families.
Windows and Mirrors Books for Families:  If raffle sales are robust,  the funds will be used to purchase new children's books which represent Hmong, Black and Native culture. Each  Northside family would be given one book for their family library. For some children, this book will be a mirror (a reflection of their family's culture). For other children, it will be a window (an opportunity to see into another culture). Both are incredibly important.

Valley View Rotary

is continually offering support to the community in a variety of ways.  Regular projects include providing a graduation party with gifts for LaCross Roads student, providing funding to Junior Achievement and contributing to Rotary Lights.
Special contributions have included funds for a police dog, providing clean drinking water in Chile and much more.  Who knows what will come our way this year!